Il n'y a que moi
Bonjour tout le monde. Je suis Gaël Gouille. Le fils de la Gargouille. Oui, the one and only. Therefore it does not surprise me that you have stumbled upon my blog. Il est normal for a manster of my status to hold this much interest.

I should be back in town tomorrow. The banquet is interesting so far. They chose a good location for it. It is rather fancy here and the room even has an aquarium wall. It is nice to see the ocean while one is eating. Ma chère Lokianna would not like this banquet so much I am sure. She would like the location but not the other monsters that are here. There are lots of high class monsters, not from such a high class as moi of course, and they tend to act a bit snobby. She does not seems to really tolerate such kind of behavior from anyone. Of course she puts up with moi but that is only natural. How could one not? I will look forward to seeing her again when I get home tomorrow. I hope she is doing alright.


Don’t say that! I just think she has a bad idea when it comes to me in general. It’s fine though, she can think what she wants. There is never any pleasing her. Unless your name is Gaël Gouille. Which it is! Which is why she likes you so much. Parfois, je pense qu’elle veut épouser vous. Great! Now that isn’t going to leave my head for awhile. She’s so picky about everything. She wont even let me pick who I want to be with. At least your parents will understand if and when you find the ghoul you want to be with. She just totally criticized Ein. Right to his face too, without any remorse. She really just doesn’t care what comes out of her mouth.

Thanks for the offer. You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll be fine on my own. At least this means I will have more take out for myself to eat!! I haven’t had any in awhile and I actually miss it. Nothing’s better than cheap take out sushi. BUT I know you wouldn’t know a thing about that. Seeing as how you only eat gourmet cuisine. I’m still surprised you like gummy bats! Then again, you can never go wrong with candy. Best “pick me up” there is.

But of course your maman is very fond of me. Je suis très sympathique après tous les! And with my looks, how can she not? It is obvious that je suis the better looking manster here. Just ask your maman or mine. They will both agree. Je pense que tout le monde va. I am not saying anything bad about your former boyfriend because he might have been good for you should he have shown some more caring towards you, I am just saying better things about moi.

And okay. If you say that you will be fine with being alone and eating that cheap take out sushi, then I will take your word for it. But remember, as soon as you start feeling the slightest bit sad, you will have to text me and I will be at your house immediatly.


I have to stay home alone for awhile. Pop Pop quickly packed a few things and then told me he had to go back to France for some reason. He didn’t want to tell me what the reason was but I know it’s serious. I didn’t want to stay home alone so I asked if I could stay with Gaël and he said yes, but when I told Maman she said no. She doesn’t think it’s proper for a young ghoul to stay in the same house a growing manster with needs. What does that even mean? Did she really say that to me? Leave it to her to not know anything about me. Not that I would do anything like that with Gaël. We are just friends and will only ever be just friends.

I can’t even stay with Maman because Pop Pop doesn’t want me to be left alone with her. Now I have to stay home alone until he gets back. I hope he manages to come back before school starts. I don’t think I’ve ever been alone for that long before. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been alone at all. He’s usually always around. Someone is usually always around when it comes to me being home. This is going to be a new experience for me. At least I have enough money for take out and such. Enough games to keep me entertained for awhile. Maybe might even try to catch up on some other things that are sitting in the corner of my room.

A growing manster with needs? Je pense que votre mère a la mauvaise idée de nous. It appears that both our mères still have not accepted that we will never be husband and wife. They seem to be both just as hardheaded. But ma chère Lokianna, just know that, as soon as you start feeling lonely, you will have to let me know and I will come right over to your house to keep you company. I, of course, will not tell ma mère about it because you know how things will start turning into something weird when she speaks with your mother about it.